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January 20th, Update on Craft sales - its been slow finding the right formula for increasing sales. Kim Valkenier has been trying to sell the crafts on ebay, but there has only been a few sales. It's difficult!

January 21st, London update - I'm in London for a three days trying to locate buyers for the grade B beans. Richard Emmens has helped me locate potential buyers and some good leads have been developed.

January 2016 The new vanilla harvest has started and the price has jumped to 50,000/= per kg ($21 Cdn). The farmers will be happy and I''m hoping we will have a bigger harvest than last season. 

December 2015 - Just a quick update. We had our last craft show on December 5th. Actually we had two on the same day. One at Trinity Lutheran Church and one at Zion Lutheran in Cloverdale. They both went off well and we're really grateful for the support shown us at the churches.

Early morning in Rwentanga

      It was early morning when we shot this...the fog was sitting low in the valley and workers had not yet started to dig. ...they'd been digging an average of 900 holes a day! 

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